Physical Education

Physical Education

At Landewednack, we have developed a comprehensive physical education programme.  We have a very well-equipped hall with large and small apparatus to enable children to develop the 'Fundamental Skills' of agility, balance ad coordination as well as develop their expertise in gymnastics, games, dance and drama.

We also have a large playing field which has a large grassed area with a fitness trail as well as a court area suitable for games like netball.  Tucked at the bottom of our field is a natural area for 'Wild Tribe'. 

We are within a short drive to the local swimming pool, Helford River, Trevassick Lake and some local beaches where the children have sailing, swimming and surfing lessons. 

Whenever we can we like to get the children outside and active.

Throughout the year, from Year 2, our children take part in athletics, games skills and team games, such as netball, cricket, hockey, badminton, football and tag rugby. We have adopted many ideas from The Real PE curriculum and these support the teaching of these traditional sports. Our Foundation and Y1 children children have lessons that are more of a multi skill approach. The ABC of sport is taught, so children are given many opportunities to develop their agility, balance and co-ordination. We are proud of the number of after school clubs that are on offer to our children.

Throughout the year, the children are able to access tag rugby, football, netball and dance. We also like to take advantage of the area in which we live. During the autumn term the junior children attend Helston swimming pool for lessons.  In the summer term our year 5 and 6 children are given the opportunity to go sailing on the Helford river with the Helford River Sailing Trust and also attend surfing lessons with the Surf School.

We follow the Real PE Scheme of work.  The application of knowledge and skills will be taught and experienced through ‘traditional’ sports and through a range of enrichment opportunities.

Due to the mixed year groups in our classes, two year rolling programmes have been created. Lessons are adapted for each specific year group using the Progression of Skills, Knowledge and Vocabulary documents for each of the 12 Fundamental Skills (FUNS).

Please see below for our curriculum map