Junior Life Skills

25th April 2024

Year 5 and 6 were excited to learn Junior Life Skills this week. We went to Falmouth Fire Station for a morning of training and developing life skills, such as:
- How to help someone who is choking 
- Bus safety
- Train safety 
- Cyber safety
- Electrical and fire safety
- Parking/road safety. 
- RNLI - sea safety 
Our children said: 
"Now I feel like I could actually help if someone starts choking, also I feel more prepared if a fire starts." - Lizzie
"I learned that you should never go on a train track because it's very dangerous, it was very interesting." - Elizabeth.
"I learned that if someone is choking you should use upwards force on the back instead of just hitting ... now I feel more confident if a situation of emergency came around." - Milly
"Now I feel more safe and more ready for when a situation like choking or CPR happens." - Aza
"Now I know I can be safe when I go in the water because I can look at the flags." - Sienna
"The CPR was so fun, now if anyone is choking I will know what to do." - Alex
"Now I feel that I should try to find out more about fire safety and all that you taught us." - Poppy
"It was fun, amazing, and very, very, very important. Now I feel safe, secure and responsible about all of these things!" - Kaitlyn
"I feel more safe about things that I did do before. I now know not to plug too many plugs into an extension lead, and how important it is to learn about all these life skills." - Hayden