Design Technology

Design Technology

Children have the opportunity to explore and work with different materials, leading to a greater understanding of things around them, i.e. Materials and structure, how they work or fulfil their use.  This includes such things as tools, different materials, textiles, etc.  They also have the opportunity to explore food, through cooking.  This incorporates science, maths, reading, recording and discussion work.


When working within Design Technology, pupils will be involved in investigating, specifying, creative thinking, developing and evaluating, clarifying and communicating their ideas.  When making, they will plan, organise, make, test and evaluate.

D&T is woven into our 'Learning Means the World' curriculum themes; this ensures children understand key concepts and knowledge around the design and evaluation process and have the opportunity to apply skills to different contexts; the topics also ensure the children can see links to the real world and to other curriculum subjects. 

We plan for enrichment days, visits and visitors so the children see the application of the D&T process in real life contexts.  

To ensure full coverage and progression for each year group, we have a two year rolling programme using the D&T Association ‘Projects On A Page’ (POAP) and have half-termly ‘technology days’.  This approach helps children to retain knowledge whilst practicing and developing practical skills.

The Razorbills have just completed their DT project with Miss Wells.
  • Cogs and gears
  • Turning rotary power into linear power
  • Using knowledge of gears to lift heavy weights 
Here are some pictures and video footage of their designs and the final experiment.....