SEND Provision and Policies

Special Education Provision

In a small school, such as Landewednack, the children receive a great deal of individual attention and any weaknesses in basic skills are readily diagnosed and extra help given.  Identification of special need will involve the County staged assessment process as outlined in the Code of Practice and in the County Guidance booklet (available in the school office). 

Staff will discuss any concerns they have about a child with the parents.  Parents will be advised if staff feel that a child should be put on the register of need. In some circumstances the advice of specialist agencies may be sought, such as the Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist and Social Communication Advisor. 

Where there is a significant need an application for an Education Health and Care Plan can be sought from County where a comprehensive assessment would take place.   

The school aims to have both a teacher and a teaching assistant in each class for the majority of the week.  In addition to this the school develops a provision map each year to establish areas where individuals may need extra support. We aim to pick up any issues as soon as possible so any interventions will take place in the classroom as the earliest opportunity. This ensures that children are not withdrawn from the classroom missing valuable lesson time.  

The school will make provision of a package of support for any child with SEND, depending on the level of disability or learning difficulty. This could be classroom support, aids for disability, or in some cases, one-to-one support.

Children who are able and talented in a specific area are offered additional opportunities at school and through the Trust. Work is adapted by staff to provide additional challenge.