Mini Football Tournament


March 2022

1st March 2022

Football Tournament
Well done to our two Y5/6 football teams who took part in the mini tournament on Tuesday 1st March. Our teams played against Grade Ruan and Garras Schools and a great afternoon was had by all.
Thank you so much to all of the parents who helped us transport the children to Ruan Minor and for their fabulous support during every match.
The scores were as follows:
Landewednack A (Stripes)
Landewednack (A) 1 – 0 Landewednack (B)
Landewednack (A) 2 – 0 Grade Ruan
Harry 2
Landewednack (A) 0 – 0 Garras
Landewednack B (Green)
Landewednack (B) 0 – 2 Garras
Landewednack (B) 2 – 0 Grade Ruan
Jude 2