Super Schools

10th February 2017

SuperSchools is an organisation that promotes health, fitness and the importance of taking part in sport, with children being inspired and learning from top athletes who demonstrate what can be achieved through determination and commitment.  The visit also helped to generate financial reward for the School to be used for sports development.

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We had two athletes visit us and they were:

Grant Fielder

Grant is a highly accomplished dirt and contest rider, having been a multiple UK King of Dirt Champion. Other accomplishments include winning both the Cowan’s Backyard Jam USA and Whitestyle contests, placing on podiums at Les De Alpes Slopestyle and Dirt Wars, and more recently winning the Invitational NEC Dirt Jump contest. His successes have been showcased in multiple magazine features and front covers.

 Rhys Williams

Rhys Williams is best known for specializing in 400m hurdles as he was the European Champion in 2012 in Helsinki. Rhys also has silver and bronze medals to his name at the European Championships as well as a bronze medal for Wales from the 2010 Commonwealth Games. The son of Wales rugby union legend JJ Williams, he missed out on Beijing 2008 after suffering a stress fracture in his foot but bounced back to represent Team GB at London 2012.

Grant will be demonstrated his biking talents to the children and then be spent time with each year group.  Children  also had their photograph taken with him and each child received their photograph free of charge as a keepsake.

Grant and Rhys will then performed a range of Super Stars style exercises, with the children.