Sports Report 2016/17

Landewednack CP School

Sports Report 2016-17

Sport continues to be very important at Landewednack CP School. We strive to take part in every competition that takes place and we offer after school sports clubs of Rugby, Dance, Football and Netball. This year we have been an active member of the Mullion School Sports Cluster and have taken part in Cross Country, Multi skills, Swimming, Gymnastics, Netball, Basketball, Football, Tag Rugby, Touch Rugby, Athletics, Sailing, Surfing and Dance. We consistently record great results…

Cross Country 5th out of 17 schools

Gymnastics 2nd

Swimming 1st for the 6th year running

Netball 1st and 2nd in the Mullion Cluster competition. 5th at the Penryn Partnership finals

Basketball 2nd

Tag Rugby 3rd

Touch Rugby 1st

Athletics “Cluster Sports” 1st for the 7th year running

Football 1st in the Norman Nicholls Tournament

Sailing 6th

Dance 1st for KS1 and 2nd in KS2

This year the competition was high between us and Mullion Primary and overall we came 2nd by 1 point overall. It was such a small margin but huge congratulations to Mullion and their lovely Sports Co-ordinator Hayley for their win.

We would like to now show the winning Feetbeat dance from our Year 2 dancers which is to the song “Shine” which represents our School motto of

Strive to be the best you can be,

Happiness and learning in life,

 Imagine what you can achieve,

Never give up

Everyone together.

After School Clubs

This year we have been lucky enough to have dedicated coaches who come in every week to help with our after school clubs. This is such a commitment and all of us are very appreciative of the work they do.

Thanks to our very own James Green, Jamie and Dan for the Football. They’ll now present football certificates.

Thanks to Ted and David  for the Rugby and Ted will now present rugby certificates.

Thanks to Kate for the Dance and all the time and energy she puts into practises at school

I run the Netball and I would like to thank Becky for helping me when I had my hip operation and Abby for her help as part of her D of E scheme.

Individual Medals

This year we have a selection of trophies and medals to give out.

Commitment Award

Ben Woodmansey is one of those boys who will do anything for anyone. He’s an able and willing sportsman who is part of our Netball, Football and Rugby teams. He is an excellent ambassador for our school. His behaviour is always impeccable and he’s a great role model for our younger children.  We will miss Ben terribly next year and wish him lots of luck with his future sporting career…England rugby perhaps?!

Sportsmanship Award

John Vincent is another sportsman who will take part in everything. This year we have had a particularly strong year 6 that have represented the school extremely well. As John is year 5 he has sometimes had to miss out on an A team place because of the high numbers of year 6s. He never complains though, he stays committed and is always enthusiastic. We are delighted we will still have John next year. Well done John, keep being you!

Cross Country Achievement

A few years ago Alan Nicholls, Ethan’s Grandad bought the school a shield to highlight the achievements of three year 6 boys, Jake Walters, Alex Brotherton and Billy Jane in cross country. This year we would like to present this trophy again to another talented sportsman and cross country runner. Kian Roberts is sadly leaving us a year early as he has been offered a scholarship to Taunton School. This is an amazing opportunity and we know Kian will do extremely well there. Kian is so talented in the world of sport and there isn’t much he can’t do. Once again he won the medal for his year group in the local cross country league and last year he was crowned County Cross Country Champion. We will miss Kian at Landewednack but know he has a very bright future ahead of him.

Team of the Year

Netball continues to be a very popular sport at Landewednack with huge numbers coming to club every week. We were really proud of our A and B team at the local Mullion tournament where we finished 1st and 2nd overall. The standard of play was excellent and the team work was great to see. They qualified for the Penryn Partnership finals where they came 5th overall which was a great achievement. Thank you and well done to Amy, Beth, Poppy, Ben, Josh, Mathew, Honor, Luci, Daisy, Anna F, Ethan, Ryan and John. Please keep playing netball when you go to Mullion School.

Sportsperson of the Year

Every year I do this sports assembly I talk about talented children who have represented our school. There have been lots throughout the years who I still remember today and who I love watching when I go to Mullion School’s sports day. I’ve always wished I kept a roll of honour so these names can be remembered for evermore so this year I have decided to donate a trophy. This will be awarded to the individual who has excelled in sport throughout their time at Landewednack. Their name will forever be inscribed on the shield. This year we have awarded it to two outstanding individuals who we wouldn’t have been able to choose between.

Amy Jane is a talented sportswoman who excels at many sports and has represented our school so well in all the competitions. During her time at school she has taken part in every sport offered including Netball, Rugby, Swimming, Dance, Athletics, Sailing, Cross Country, Gymnastics and Basketball. She has excelled in Netball particularly and this year she won Under 12 player of the year for Penryn Netball Club. Amy is an excellent Ambassador for our school, showing great commitment, sportsmanship and determination. She always performs with a smile on her face! Well done Amy, we will miss you so much next year.

Ethan Walters is a talented sportsman who throughout his time at Landewednack School has excelled at Sport. He is particularly talented at football where he has now secured a contract with Plymouth Argyle, an amazing achievement. For this he’s shown dedication and commitment to training. Ethan has represented our school at Netball, Swimming, Dance, Athletics, Cross Country, Basketball and of course Football. Ethan is always a valuable member of all our teams and we always felt happier knowing we had Ethan on our side. Well done Ethan, we will really miss you next year.

Once again it has been another successful year for our little school. Thank you to Lyndsay for all her help with letters and organising lifts. Thank you to our brilliant coaches for helping with our after school clubs. Lastly a huge thank you to our amazing year 6 group for your time and commitment and for sharing your amazing abilities and talents. Keep being active and continue to shine at your next school!


Mrs Jane

25th July 2017