School Councillors 2019 - 2020

Introducing our School Councillors for 2019 - 2020 
John - Seagulls 
Aza - Seagulls
Sonny - Choughs
Harry - Choughs
Ruby - Razorbills
Ryan W - Razorbills
Lily - Kittiwakes - Secretary 
Luke - Kittiwakes - Chairperson
Our school councillors meet once every half term. All kinds of topics are discussed and children in every class are given the opportunity to ask the School Council anything they like through their own class councillors. 
Each class has a Suggestions Book which the class councillors bring to the meetings.
The meetings are always attended by Mrs Jones and Mrs Bray. 
Our Year 6 councillors also the attend the SKIP (School Kids in Partnership) meetings with other councillors from the other schools in our Multi Academy Trust. These meetings usually take place at Helston Community College.