School Camp 2017 - Day 1

15th May 2017
Day 1 of camp has been very wet!
Despite the weather the children are very happy and are enjoying themselves. There are 3 other school groups here including the Keskowythians group made up of Grade Ruan, Manaccan, Coverack, St Martin and St Keverne. The children are enjoying seeing friends from the other schools.
We spent the day problem solving and mountain biking. Coats had a good test of whether they are waterproof or not - Mrs Jane's coat is not!!!
The food is delicious, lots of it including sausages, pork chops, chicken pie and macaroni cheese. Lovely range of desserts too. Thankfully it stopped raining in the evening so everyone was able to walk down to the beach.  Everyone played some games (in the hope of tiring the children out - and it worked!).
When they got back everyone had a shower and some hot chocolate and were in their tents by 9pm. All were quiet and asleep by 10.30pm amd wide awake at 6am this morning!
The rain has begun to pour again which bodes well for a lovely day on the Fowey river!
Thank you to Mrs Jane for the update - more news to follow........