Razorbills - Home Learning

We will be using White Rose Maths again during this lockdown.  You will need to play the video link to do the lesson first and then do the worksheet following the instructions on the video.  If you need to do any working out, you can use separate paper or use the space around the edges.
Use the answer sheet to mark your work with an adult when you have finished and do any corrections.  
Please make sure that you tick your work neatly and anything that you do not get right, you correct in a different colour.
To submit your work
Take a photo of your work and put it on your profile on Class Dojo.  Please do not send it to me through the messages on Dojo. 
Maths video clips
Maths Worksheets
Maths Answer Sheets
11.1.21- 14.1.21 - your English lessons will be on Google Classrooms and during our 10:30 Google Meets.  Any resources that you will need will be on Google Classrooms.  Don't forget to turn your work in to me in the correct way. Make sure that you click on 'Turn in' not 'share'.
This week we are going to begin to look at non-chronological reports (information writing).  You will be reading, researching and note collecting.
Mr Green will set you spelling work to do on Friday.



Spanish - Thursday 14th January


This term we are going to be learning the spanish words for clothes. We will be using the Spanish games.net website that we have used before. Find the link and instructions on google classroom.

Turn it in by 3:30pm on 14th January.

Computing - Coding - Friday 15th January
Coding is all on Google Classrooms.
We have completed the network a neighbourhood sheet.
There are two sheets left for us to complete. 
Option 1 = Print and complete both of these sheets before Friday afternoon registration. This means that after registration, you can get a head start on the first scratch project 'Code Your Hero' by yourself. (Don't forget to share whatever edits you make, so I can see)
Option 2 = If you don't have a printer, or you would just rather work through the sheets with me on the google meet, then wait until Friday, and we can stay on the call after registration and work together to complete them. 
At 2:20pm we will all join back onto the google meet call, so we can (fingers crossed) share our creations, and try peoples games :) Yes that's right, games. As you work through 'Code Your Hero' and beyond, you will begin to make games that we can all play together.