Puffins YEAR 1 and 2 - Home Learning

Hello Year 1 and Year 2 :-) Welcome to our home learning page!
I will post a PDF with our daily learning each morning by 8 o'clock.
Our first Google Meet is at 9:30.
Our end of day Google Meet, story time and star of the day is at 12:30.
There will be 3 activities each day (English, Maths, Topic). Please upload these activities to Class Dojo so that Mrs Humby, Miss Turner, Kate and I can see you fantastic work!
I will remove the week's PDFs each Sunday ready for next week. 
Here are how to guides of how to access Google Classroom/Meet and how to upload to Class Dojo: http://www.landewednack.cornwall.sch.uk/website/how_to_guides_google_classroom_class_dojo/531302 
Thanks for all your support and remember we are here to support you too, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can either message on Dojo or message to arrange a phone call using Google Meet.
Phonics with Miss Turner 
Year 1 - Please practise your Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds every day with Miss Turner 
Monday's Home Learning
Please go on Doodle Maths today and aim to get to your weekly target. (Green Zone)
Tuesday's Home Learning 
Please go on Doodle English today and aim to get to your weekly target. (Green Zone)
Wednesday's home learning 
Please go on Doodle Spell today and aim to get to your weekly target. (Green Zone)
The maths sheet is below:
Year 1s - question 1a) 1b) 1c) and 2 please (you can do the rest if you want a challenge!)
Year 2s - complete the whole sheet please. 
Thursday's Home Learning
Please go on Doodle Tables today and aim to get to your weekly target (Green Zone).
Friday's Home Learning 
Please use today to get to your weekly target (Green Zone) on the Doodle apps if you have not done so already
Accelerated reader link
Please encourage your child to read as much as possible :-) They can quiz on any books they read to earn points - the children really enjoy this all the way through school. 
To log in to Accelerated Reader and quiz, you need to use this special link: