Puffins RECEPTION - Home Learning

Hello Reception :-) Welcome to our home learning page!
I will post a PDF with our daily learning each morning by 8 o'clock.
Our first Google Meet is at 10:00
Our end of day Google Meet, story time and star of the day is at 12:30.
Please post pictures of your child's learning to their Class Dojo portfolio so that Mrs Humby, Miss Turner, Kate and I can see you fantastic work!
I will remove the week's PDFs each Sunday ready for next week. 
Here are how to guides of how to access Google Classroom/Meet and how to upload to Class Dojo: http://www.landewednack.cornwall.sch.uk/website/how_to_guides_google_classroom_class_dojo/531302 
Thanks for all your support and remember we are here to support you too, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can either message on Dojo or message to arrange a phone call using Google Meet.
Phonics with Miss Turner 
Reception - please practise your Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds every day with Miss Turner 
Monday's home learning 
Tuesday's home learning 
Wednesday's Home Learning 
Thursday's Home Learning
Friday's Home Learning 
Thank you so much for all your support with the children's home learning! Please don't hesitate to message us on Dojo or call if there is anything we can support with.
Optional Extra Resources 
Below are optional extra resources that you may want to use to keep your little ones entertained :-) 
If there's something specific you would like for your child just message Miss Carey.
Educational shows 
Printable activities
Educational Games