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Hi Kittiwakes,
The children in school have been working very hard this week, typing up your profile pages and choosing photos to go into the yearbook that we have been creating.  I am sad that you didn't all get to do your own page, but I think that the children in school have done a great job with it and I am sure that you will be pleased with what they have done.  We sent it off to the printers on Friday, so they should be with us in a week or so.  Fingers crossed we will have them before the end of term.
This week in maths we will be looking a coordinates, translation and reflection.  This should be revision for you.  To find the videos, click on the video link in the maths column below and then work through the lessons each day.  There is also a worksheet to go with each video, which I have also included in the maths column below.
In English, I have set some reading comprehensions for you to do.  There is one for each day Mon-Thurs, which leaves Friday for Mr Green's spelling work.
If you haven't already done so, have a look at the transition work.  The feed back from many parents and also Mr Green and Me is that each session provides opportunity for valuable discussion.  I know that the children who have done the transition sessions have become more and more confident as they have done each session.
There are some nice science lessons to try below too (in green).  Try to work your way through these if you can.
Have a great week and remember to message me on Class Dojo if you have any queries or problems.
Alex Wells  
Alex Wells
Science - Living things and their habitats
Lesson 1 - Classification of living things
Lesson 2 - Classification and Carl Linneaus
Lesson 3 - Curious Creatures
Transition Lessons and Resources
 Below these lessons there is a work book to accompany the sessions.
Transition Workbooks
The PowerPoint is the editable one if you want to go paper free.
This week, we will not be following the White Rose lessons that go with the video links on Week 11.  The children have already covered this topic.  See below for the Coordinates block that I would like you to complete...

Monday to Thursday:
Click on the internet link below this box for the video links for each lesson.  Below, I have also included the worksheets to go with each lesson.  You have already done coordinates in the Autumn term, but this will be goo revision for you and I know that there are some good challenges to work through too.
There will be 4 maths sessions this week but I would like you to continue with Friday maths challenge on the White Rose website or BBC Bitesize Daily. 
Parents, I always find that it is a good idea to have the answer sheets nearby so that if you don't understand what a question is really asking, you can check to see the sort of answer they are looking for.

Please mark and correct your work before sending it to me.  If there is anything you don't understand, write me a message and I will get back to you ASAP.
Coordinates, Translation and Reflection
These White Rose videos are not found in the usual place, so if you click the link below this message, you should be taken to a page which has links (in blue to the correct videos). If you have any problems, please contact me.
English Week Beginning 6.7.20
There are 6 reading comprehensions for you to choose from.  I would like you to do one a day Mon-Thurs.  (So 4 in total).
When you choose your reading comprehension, choose whether you want to do 1*, 2* or 3*.  Most of you will be fine on 2*, but if you find it too hard, try 1*, or need a challenge, try 3*. 
Do not do all 3 star question sheets.  The questions are similar, just slightly harder/easier depending on the star.
The answers are at the bottom of each document, so make sure that you mark your work before you send it back to me.
When you answer each question, make sure you write clearly and think carefully about handwriting and spelling.