Here are some ideas from Mrs Jane to get you active.  Many of you already know about Joe Wicks, but I think Drumba starts next Monday.  All you need is a couple of wooden spoons and a saucepan!  Sorry Parents!
Please send all work to 
Post any photos of your work on Class Dojo
Hi Kittiwakes,
Below you will find the home learning.  I will post daily maths and English lessons or tasks.  The Roman project is for you to complete over the next few weeks (May 1/2 term).  I will also post weekly science lessons/activities.  
I know that some of you really wanted to finish "The Goldfish Boy" so I have included the next few chapters for you to read independently or with an adult.  I will try to add to this gradually so that eventually you have the rest of the book.  Each chapter is fairly short.
If you have any questions about the home learning, just email the above address and I will try to get back to you.  You could also use Class Dojo to contact me.
Good luck
Alex Wells
Roman Project
Below is a file that contains a list of activities for you to complete over the next few weeks.  Record each activity in your home learning book so that we can share it with the class when we return to school.
It's time to put your times tables to the test and find out which house is the best! A Battle of the Bands competition will be starting on Friday 27th March where each house will play every other house to find out who will be crowned THE CHAMPIONS. More info about TTRS and the competition can be found on our Class Dojo.
Good luck everyone,
Admiral Cash (Mr Green)
Week beginning - 23.3.20
Hi Kittiwakes,
Hope you are all well.  Here are your maths lessons.  You need to complete them in order because each leads into more complicated stuff the next day.
I will delete them at the end of the Easter holidays and then put lessons for our next topic in maths.
Below is lesson 4 of this week - It is just some arithmetic questions to keep those skills that you have gained this year going.  Answers are on the final sheet.
Below are English lessons for the week beginning Monday 23rd March.  
Try to complete Science 1 in the week beginning 23.3.2020.
The Goldfish Boy
I am looking into trying to read chapters on Class Dojo too. 
Design a food and drink poster using what you have learnt in our Spanish lessons - use the word mat to help you. 
I look forward to seeing your designs!
Mrs Nicholas