Choughs Home Learning

Welcome to the Choughs Home Learning Page. Here you can find the work we are doing in class, or something very similar. Please make sure you complete the work on the correct days. You can send me any work on ClassDojo and message me on there if you have any problems. I will get back to you as soon as I can, but please be patient as I am still in school as well. :-)
Don't forget to read for at least 10 mins every day and go on DoodleMaths, Tables, English and Spell every week please.
Year 3 Video Links
Watch the video and complete the matching worksheet.
Year 4 and 5 Video Links
Watch the video and complete the matching worksheet.
Wednesday 21.10.20 - No video today.
Friday 23.10.20 - No video today.
Science - Mondays
Monday 19.10.20 - Habitats.
Answer the quiz questions on our learning about habitats. Record the answers on the sheet and send it to me on ClassDojo.
R.E. - Tuesdays
Tuesday 20.10.20 Hindu Worship in the Home.

Although Hindus might attend a mandir (Hindu temple)to worship, many also worship in other places, often at home. They use a tray called a puja tray and it has items on it that are used in Hindu worship. Watch this short clip of worship in the Hindu home:

Research puja and from your research, draw a puja tray, including all the items which belong on it. Label the items and what they are used for.

Puja involves all 5 senses: touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing. Label the items on your puja tray drawing with which sense/s they involve.


Computing - Wednesdays
Wednesday 21.10.20 - Continue with Typing Club
PSHE - Thursdays
Art - Fridays
Friday 16.10.20
Choose a Curious Creature (something unusual).
Find some pictures of it and make some sketches of it from the pictures. Pay close attention to its facial features (eyes, nose, mouth).
Friday 23.10.20
Make a collage of your Curious Creature. Use as many different materials as you can to create it. You could use torn-up magazines or boxes, old scraps of material, sticks, leaves, etc.
Spelling - Fridays
Friday 23.10.20 - Please do 20 mins of Doodle Spell.